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LWEC - Policy and practice notes

LWEC's policy and practice notes draw out conclusions and recommendations from research funded by LWEC members. They present key findings in non-technical language for public, private and third-sector audiences.

Each note is tailored to its target audience; some are intended for a broad and diverse audience while others are more tightly focused on the needs of specific group of research users, for example local government, small businesses or national policy-makers.

The series editor is Anne Liddon ().

Landbridge - external link, a new knowledge exchange network for rural professionals, was established as a complementary activity to the policy and practice notes, supported by LWEC, the Rural Economy & Land Use programme (RELU) and the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC). Landbridge provides practical support to link researchers and land-based professionals across private, public and third sectors. The network enables knowledge exchange and inter-professional learning and working in areas of ecosystem services, environmental change and food security.