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Living with Environmental Change

Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) is a partnership of 22 major UK public sector funders and users of environmental research, including NERC, central government departments and the other UK research councils.

LWEC will provide decision makers with the best information to effectively manage and protect vital ecosystem services. It will improve our tools and knowledge needed to build resilience, mitigate problems, and adapt to environmental change.

Global Food Security

The Global Food Security (GFS) programme aims to meet the challenge of providing the world's growing population with a sustainable, secure supply of good quality food from less land and with lower inputs.

The programme brings together the UK's main public funders of food-related research and training to deliver co-ordinated, multidisciplinary research through four key themes:

  1. Economic resilience.
  2. Resource efficiency.
  3. Sustainable production.
  4. Sustainable, healthy and safe diets.

RCUK Energy Programme

The RCUK Energy Programme aims to position the UK to meet its energy and environmental targets and policy goals through world-class research and training. The four key objectives of this multidisciplinary cross-council initiative are:

  • to support a full spectrum of energy research to help the UK meet the objectives and targets set out in the 2007 Energy White Paper;
  • to work in partnership to contribute to the research and postgraduate training needs of energy-related businesses and other key stakeholders;
  • to increase the international visibility and level of international collaboration within the UK energy research portfolio;
  • to expand UK research capacity in energy-related areas.
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