ACSIS – OSNAP – RAPID joint science meeting

Ocean waves

19-21 September 2017 (Tuesday - Thursday)
Wolfson College, Oxford

A meeting bringing together scientists from three UK programmes and the wider UK science community to explore change and variability in the North Atlantic climate system (atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere) is being held at Wolfson College, Oxford.

The meeting has four themes:

  1. Ocean-atmosphere-cryosphere interactions.
  2. Characterising the North Atlantic climate system in 4-D.
  3. Understanding change and variability.
  4. Towards budgets.

Abstract submission is now open, as is registering to attend the event. Further details can be found by visiting the RAPID website - external link.

Key dates:

  • Abstract submission closes 11 June 2017
  • Event registration closes 20 August 2017