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The science we support is amazing. Our researchers study every aspect of our planet, and how humans are changing it - from the poles to the tropical rainforests, and from the depths of the ocean to the edge of space. Planet Earth brings you the latest stories, pictures and videos about their work.

Silver-spotted skipper butterfliesSunshine, skippers and south-facing slopes

Here's a classic story from our archives: Changing weather patterns will affect plants and animals. Jonathan Bennie explains what this could mean for conservation, and how monitoring the impact of tiny microclimates around paths or patches of vegetation could help endangered species cope.

2 August 2013

The UK researchers seeking origins of China's smog Meteorological gantry in Beijing

Research being conducted at a Beijing super-site is monitoring concentrations and varieties of airborne particles and volatile gases in the atmosphere and their potential impact on human health.

18 Apr 2017

Devil rays get worldwide protection, and genetic tools could catch out illegal traders Devil ray leaping out of the sea

Devil rays, close cousins of the enormous manta rays, are stars of nature documentaries. These charismatic creatures are under threat from humans, specifically, because of the gill plate trade.

12 Apr 2017


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