Science and impact

The following science and impact publications are available to download as PDF documents.

Great science for a great future

Great science for a great future booklet coverThe research NERC has supported since its formation in 1965 has created innumerable benefits in the UK and beyond - making us more resilient to natural disasters, helping us use natural resources responsibly, increasing wellbeing and supporting economic growth. For the nation to flourish in a changing environment, our work as the driving force behind investment in UK environmental science has never been more critical.

This booklet outlines just a few of them - from protecting people and property from floods to saving the UK's peregrine falcons from pesticide poisoning.

Great science for a great future (PDF, 2.9MB)

A natural business partner

Natural business partner booklet coverBusinesses depend on the environment for essential raw materials, secure supply chains, safe operations and waste disposal. NERC can broker access to the best scientists, data and skills - to translate existing knowledge and to co-design new research and innovation.

Find out how a partnership with NERC can increase the impact of research on your business.

A natural business partner (PDF, 588KB)

Science into policy

Science into policy booklet coverThis booklet is to help NERC staff and NERC-funded scientists to:

  1. recognise the relevance of science to policymakers
  2. identify available opportunities, routes and best practice to influence policy-making
  3. communicate science in an appropriate and accessible way, to the right policymakers, showing how it fits their policy needs.

The booklet explains key aspects of the UK policy-making process and gives links to some important information sources.

Case studies from the impact of environmental research are used throughout the booklet to illustrate good practice in science-to-policy. The booklet also indicates where to find help within NERC and gives information on training.

Science into policy (PDF, 1.4MB)

To order a paper copy of this publication, please email . Our policy is normally to send only one copy to each address.

Economic benefits of environmental science

Economic benefits booklet coverEnvironmental science is worth hundreds of millions of pounds to the UK economy according to an independent study. The study, a first for a research council, examined the benefits to the UK from NERC-funded research.

The report highlights a number of programmes, including the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Flood Estimation Handbook which it conservatively estimates is worth £7 million - £34 million to the UK economy, and the British Geological Survey's ground instability data used by insurers, developers and planning authorities, which is estimated to be worth £70 million - £270 million.

The government's chief scientific advisor, Sir David King, said:

"I am very glad this analysis has taken place. One of the most difficult messages to get across at any level is where you have avoided risk or if you have significantly reduced risk. The whole issue around global warming is one of preparing our societies for the impacts of climate change. What is the economic value of avoiding those impacts? Massive."

Download the summary brochure:

Economic Benefits of Environmental Science (PDF, 1.3MB)

Download the full report:

Economic Benefits of Environmental Science (PDF, 795KB)