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Planet Earth magazine

Planet Earth magazine front coverPlanet Earth is a free magazine aimed at non-specialists - policymakers, businesspeople and members of the public with an interest in environmental science.

The latest edition of the magazine is available to view below, along with an archive of older editions.

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Latest edition

PDF documents of each article (or the entire magazine) are available to download below.

Planet Earth - Summer 2016 (PDF, 2.1MB)
The full magazine.

News (PDF, 685KB)
Icelandic earthquakes, Colombian volcanoes, the name of our new icebreaker, and other stories in brief.

Drones and robots (PDF, 112KB)
Drones powered by solid hydrogen, braving volcanic plumes, and modelling our landscape in 3D.

Autosubs are go! (PDF, 290KB)
Meet the new generation of robots exploring our oceans.

An eye in the sky (PDF, 335KB)
On mapping the UK landscape in 3D.

Soaring with the Global Hawk (PDF, 110KB)
How a UK-designed atmospheric instrument ended up flying on NASA's research drone.

Gliders on the storm (PDF, 133KB)
Seagliders - probing the Atlantic's mysteries, come rain or shine.

Drones on ice (PDF, 199KB)
The challenges of unmanned polar flight.

Older editions

View the Planet Earth archive to download and read older editions of the magazine.