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Planet Earth magazine front coverPlanet Earth is a free magazine aimed at non-specialists - policymakers, businesspeople and members of the public with an interest in environmental science.

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Latest edition

PDF documents of each article (or the entire magazine) are available to download below.

Planet Earth - Autumn 2016 (PDF, 3.3MB)
The full magazine.

News (PDF, 514KB)
Chinese air quality, new evidence linking bee decline to pesticides, Australian kelp forests wiped out, and other stories in brief.

Q&A with Professor Frank Kelly (PDF, 75KB)
Back to basics on air pollution in the capital.

The worst air quality in the world? (PDF, 107KB)
The dramatic effects of last year's El Niño in south-east Asia.

Lifting the lid on London's air (PDF, 259KB)
Scientists unearth traces of emissions scandal.

Taking UK atmospheric science global (PDF, 80KB)
London's atmosphere may still have its mysteries, but compared to many places it's an open book.

Air pollution from Icelandic volcanoes (PDF, 274KB)
The Icelandic eruption of 2014 spread ash and gas across Europe.

Who's to blame for bad air? (PDF, 73KB)
In the spotlight - air pollution across borders.

Ship emissions - monitoring, enforcement and human health (PDF, 58KB)
How science can help keep emissions at bay.

Sense about sensors (PDF, 78KB)
Do hand-held air pollution sensors actually work?

Solving the mysteries of the monsoon (PDF, 54KB)
NERC aircraft flies into the heart of the storm.

New images capture Into the blue spirit (PDF, 201KB)
Find out how you can get involved.

Older editions

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