NERC news


NERC's Royal Research Ship Discovery to visit London for the first time

NERC's Royal Research Ship Discovery is set to visit the heart of London for the first time this week to mark 50 years of ground-breaking NERC-funded environmental research.

7 Oct 2015

NERC and EPSRC announce new Centre for Doctoral Training in smart observation

NERC and EPSRC are launching a new £2·5 million Centre for Doctoral Training in the use of smart and autonomous observation systems for the environmental sciences.

6 Oct 2015

New report spells out climate change threat to UK wildlife

Climate change is already causing serious disruption for UK biodiversity and the problem is likely to get worse, according to a report released today.

30 Sep 2015

Researchers, innovators and local authorities to realise vision for future cities

Engineers, ecologists, economists and heritage experts will be among diverse research teams joining with local authorities and innovative business to build successful 21st-century cities.

23 Sep 2015

RRS Discovery public tours

In association with the Natural History Museum, we are offering the public the chance to win a guided tour around the Discovery and experience this world-leading research vessel.

18 Sep 2015

NERC's ozone research saves thousands of lives and lowers food prices, saving the UK £1.3 billion every year

NERC's ozone research has spared thousands of lives and led to lower food prices, leading to savings of £1·3 billion every year for the UK, thanks to the early implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

16 Sep 2015

Professor Roland von Glasow, University of East Anglia

We are deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the unexpected death of Professor Roland von Glasow.

10 Sep 2015

BGS to monitor proposed Yorkshire fracking site

Scientists from the British Geological Survey (BGS) are helping make sure any fracking that may happen in Yorkshire is monitored to detect environmental impact.

21 Aug 2015

NERC invests £16 million in Arctic Ocean change research

NERC announces it is investing in research to study the effects of dramatic changes in Arctic ice cover over the last three decades on the Arctic region.

29 Jul 2015

NERC continues with process to consider charitable status for new ownership model for two of its research centres

NERC Council has affirmed its decision to proceed to the next stage of a process considering changes in the ownership and governance of two of its research centres, the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the National Oceanography Centre.

24 Jul 2015