Upcoming events


Upcoming NERC-run and NERC-sponsored events:

January 2017

20 Oct 2016 - 3 Feb 2017

Into the blue - Cloud Crash exhibition - external link

Museum of Science & Industry , Manchester

As part of NERC's celebration of science, Into the blue, the Cloud Crash exhibition, which is Cape Farewell's 2016 Lovelock Art Commission, takes inspiration from our research in atmospheric science, as well as James Lovelock and the Museum of Science & Industry's collection. Cloud Crash is a headline event for the Manchester Science Festival.

18-19 January 2017

NERC Research Fellows and Knowledge Exchange Fellows Training Workshop

University of Birmingham

NERC is hosting a NERC Research Fellows and Knowledge Exchange Annual Training Workshop.

February 2017

2-3 February 2017

ERA4CS Climate Services Synergies, Gaps & Challenges workshop

Brussels, Belgium

NERC invite you to an interactive workshop that will explore potential synergistic research and innovation opportunities and engage participants in identifying and putting forward knowledge and evidence gaps in climate service research and innovation.

8-9 February 2017

Computational Environmental Metabolomics course

University of Birmingham

This two-day NERC funded Advanced Training Short Course will provide a theoretical overview and hands-on training in the processing and analysis of metabolomics data. You will study specific case studies from the environmental sciences, learning the step-by-step processes that are applied in the data analysis pipeline.

March 2017

5-10 March 2017

Environmental Genomics and Metabolomics course 2017

University of Birmingham

A short course to guide genomics and metabolomics research applied to environmental sciences.

April 2017

6 April 2017

NERC public engagement community consultation event


We are inviting applications to attend a community consultation event, the outputs of which will directly inform our second public engagement call.

May 2017

25 May 2017

NERC Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) meeting - May 2017


The NERC Knowledge Exchange Group hosts two Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) meetings per annum, where we invite knowledge exchange practitioners to come along and share best practice, and also some problems that they would like the rest of the group to address.

An archive of recent events is also available.