Events archive

Past NERC-run and NERC-sponsored events, with relevant outputs available to download:

December 2016

5-6 Dec 2016

Introduction to Metabolomics for the Environmental Scientist course

University of Birmingham

This course introduced environmental scientists to applying metabolomics in their research via a combination of case studies, short practical demonstrations and lectures.

November 2016

28 Nov 2016

ERIIP showcase - Water sector


The NERC Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme showcased NERC-funded innovation projects in this one-hour webinar.

17-18 Nov 2016

Water quality in India - Scoping workshop

Delhi, India

NERC and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council invited UK scientists to attend this jointly organised workshop with the Indian Department of Science & Technology.

15 Nov 2016

2016 UK IODP General Conference


The UK International Ocean Discovery Programme (IODP) team's 2016 general conference was held in London.

10-11 Nov 2016

Joint UK-China offshore renewables energy (ORE) systems workshop


The RCUK Energy Programme ran this two-day workshop to engage in discussion, to identify research challenges and to initiate new collaborative working partnerships between UK and Chinese academics working in the area of offshore renewable energy.

4 Nov 2016

Conference for university press officers


The Research Councils UK (RCUK) organised this free one-day conference for press officers working in the higher education and research fields.

3 Nov 2016

NERC Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) meeting - Nov 2016


The NERC Knowledge Exchange Group hosts two Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) meetings per annum, where we invite knowledge exchange practitioners to come along and share best practice, and also some problems that they would like the rest of the group to address.

October 2016

25-29 Oct 2016

Into the blue - external link


Into the blue brought alive the world of environmental science and research by immersing visitors in a hands-on science exhibition at the Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport.

14 Oct 2016

The Role of the Southern Ocean in the Earth System (RoSES) - Workshop


A workshop was held to facilitate the development of high quality proposals that will take full advantage of potential collaborative opportunities.

13 Oct 2016

NERC data centres - future services: A forward look town hall meeting


NERC held a town hall meeting to help us better understand users' future requirements for our environmental data centres and the services that they provide.

September 2016

27 Sep 2016

Drought science and management symposium


A symposium was held that focused on drought science and management in the UK and around the world.

22 Sep 2016

Engaging the UK public with the big issues of environmental science: new public engagement funding call


NERC invited applications to attend a public engagement call information event.

21-23 Sep 2016

Aquaculture Europe 2016: Food for thought


NERC and the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) co-sponsored this conference / exhibition.

16 Sep 2016

Marine sensor development capital call - Information workshop


Individuals interested in submitting a proposal to the marine sensor capital call were strongly encouraged to attend this workshop which provided an opportunity to develop collaborations with other scientists and discuss integration of sensors into marine autonomous systems (MAS) with NOC technicians.

July 2016

19 Jul 2016

Global Challenge Research Fund: Building Resilience workshop


A one day workshop to enable interdisciplinary community building as part of the NERC, AHRC & ESRC call for proposals to address the challenge of Building Resilience to environmental hazards in developing countries.

5 Jul 2016

Heads of Department meeting 2016

Royal College of Physicians, London

The NERC community were invited to suggest topics for discussion at this meeting.

5 Jul 2016

Oil & gas decommissioning brokerage event


As part of the Oil and Gas Innovation Programme, NERC invited applicants to participate in a one-day interactive brokerage event on decommissioning and its environmental management, with the ultimate aim of funding research translation projects which address industry challenges

June 2016

30 Jun 2016

Challenges and Opportunities of Renewable Energy event


A one-day conference that showcased the R&D funded across the NERC land based and marine research programmes together with projects funded with Innovation/Discovery science funding in the renewable energy sector.

20-22 Jun 2016

Practical Aerosol Science 2016 course

Manchester, UK

This second annual short-course in aerosol theory and measurement ran over 2·5 days, with a combination of lectures and hands-on lab experience with research-grade equipment.

15-16 Jun 2016

Macronutrient Cycles science meeting


A two-day meeting on 15-16 June 2016 was held to present the results of the research and address key issues for policy makers and stakeholders.

9 Jun 2016

Using natural processes to reduce flood risk


NERC invited applications to attend a jointly organised workshop with the Environment Agency and Department for Food, Environment & Rural Affairs on 9 June 2016 on using natural processes to minimise flood risk.

May 2016

26 May 2016

NERC Green infrastructure community event - Glasgow


In order to gain further insight into Green Infrastructure practices and their relationships with academic research NERC held a community event to bring together research, policy and practice.

24 May 2016

Decision making under uncertainty - Town meeting


EPSRC, ESRC, AHRC and NERC invited applications to attend a town meeting which aimed to initiate the building of a multidisciplinary community focused on decision making under uncertainty. The meeting provided more information about an announcement of opportunity for networks.

10-20 May 2016

Atmospheric Measurement Summer School 2016

Isle of Arran

This 10-day practical course was aimed at first and second year PhD students and early career researchers who were new to atmospheric field work.

5 May 2016

NERC Green infrastructure community event - Birmingham


In order to gain further insight into Green Infrastructure practices and their relationships with academic research NERC held a community event to bring together research, policy and practice.

April 2016

28 Apr 2016

Greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere


Applications were invited from researchers, industry representatives and policy makers to attend a one-day workshop on greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere.

11-15 Apr 2016

Introduction to Scientific Computing course 2016

University of Leeds

This course was designed to provide NERC PhD students and early career researchers with essential skills for working with scientific data and automating tasks.

March 2016

15 Mar 2016

Engaging with NERC

Natural History Museum, London

With a new public engagement strategy in place, professionals and practitioners in the public engagement sector were invited to explore the public engagement landscape in terms of strategic overlap with NERC.

8-9 Mar 2016

SARIC sandpit

Park Inn, Nottingham

NERC, the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) invited attendance to a sandpit for the Sustainable Agriculture Research Innovation Club which was held on 8-9 March 2016.

6-11 Mar 2016

Environmental Genomics and Metabolomics course 2016

University of Birmingham

An integrated short course to guide genomics and metabolomics research for environmental health management and protection of diversity.