Funding contacts

Administration of research grants, fellowships and training grants

For all grant specific pre award (including peer review) and general funding policy enquiries, please contact the appropriate NERC teams below.

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) Grants Team - formerly part of the UK Shared Business Services (UK SBS) - is responsible for some stages of the grant lifecycle on NERC's behalf.

For any enquiries related to Je-S registration, submitting proposals through Je-S and any other Je-S functionality (eg maintenance requests), please contact:

Requests for changes to current NERC grants should be made through the Je-S system. For queries on maintenance and updates to existing grants (research grants, fellowships and training grants), please contact:

Enquiries related to individual studentships funded on NERC grants should be sent to .

NERC Grants Team contacts

For advice on any aspect of pre award processing and peer review of NERC proposals, NERC funding awards policy, or to make a complaint concerning research grants, training awards, fellowships and peer review, please send your query in an email to the following NERC teams.

Research grants

Enquiries about research grants should be sent to .

For urgent queries, please contact:

Andrew Richardson
01793 411526

Erica Fowers
01793 411612

Peer Review College

Enquiries about NERC's Peer Review College should be sent to .

For urgent queries, please contact:

Emma Devine
01793 411792

Andy Adams
01793 442503


Enquiries about fellowships should be sent to .

For urgent queries, please contact:

David Roberts
01793 442644

Eve Scaplehorn
01793 442864


Enquiries about studentships and training awards should be sent to .

For urgent queries, please contact:

Andy Lloyd
01793 442629

Eve Scaplehorn
01793 442864

Remit queries

Applicants are encouraged to consult with NERC at an early stage, if they are not sure whether their proposed research fits the NERC remit. An outline of the proposed research (up to two pages, including summary and objectives - form available) can be sent to .

If NERC thinks the proposal may have multi-disciplinary cross-council elements, we will forward the outline to other research councils as appropriate, unless requested not to by the applicant.

NERC science area contacts

Climate, weather & polar

Head of Research - Climate, Weather & Polar
Helen Beadman
01793 411513

Senior Programme Manager (Climate & Weather)
Helen Pearce
01793 442585

Senior Programme Manager (Polar)
Jessica Surma
01793 411600

Programme Manager (Polar)
Lisa Hole
01793 444077

Earth & energy (including science-based archaeology)

Head of Research - Earth & Energy
Beth House
01793 442541

Senior Programme Manager
Sally Reid
01793 442565

Senior Programme Manager
Blanche Wynn-Jones
01793 411936

Programme Manager (Earth & Science-based Archaeology)
Nicola Lewis
01793 411739

Programme Manager (Energy)
Julie Goulding
01793 411540

Environment & health

Head of Research - Environment & Health
Caroline Culshaw
01793 418025

Senior Programme Manager
Lizzie Garratt
01793 411536

Programme Manager
James Box
01793 411564


Head of Research - Marine
Mike Webb
01793 411520

Senior Programme Manager
Jessica Surma
01793 411600

Programme Manager
Rachel Leader
01793 411595

Programme Manager
Lisa Hole
01793 444077

Terrestrial ecosystems (including Earth observation)

Head of Research - Terrestrial Ecosystems
Simon Kerley
01793 411797

Senior Programme Manager
Dominique Butt
01793 411751

Programme Manager
Lucy Hopewell
01793 411920

Programme Manager
Beth Taylor
01793 411619

Programme Manager
James Box
01793 411564


Head of Research - Water
Ruth Kelman
01793 411558

Senior Programme Manager
Michelle Truman
01793 411700

Programme Manager
Daniel Knight
01793 411672