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Follow-on Fund Pathfinder

Pathfinder awards complement Follow-on awards.

Follow-on awards of up to £250k FEC fund development projects whose objective is to realise the commercial potential of NERC-funded research via a combination of complementary technical and commercial engagement work programmes.

Successful applications to the Follow-on Fund are invariably built upon a good understanding of the likely market potential for the technology around which the project is based.

If you are confident that you already have a sound assessment of these, and the other, issues described in Follow-on Fund - Guidance for applicants, you are ready to submit an application to the Follow-on Fund.

If, however, there are gaps in your knowledge, you are strongly advised to first apply for a Pathfinder award.

This will give you the best possible opportunity to secure Follow-on funding by enabling you to carry out work that will help you develop a greater understanding of the commercial aspects and possibilities of your research, and hence produce a more robust, better informed proposal for Follow-on funding.

Pathfinder awards enable you to fill such knowledge gaps via activities such as market assessment and competitor analysis, intellectual property searches, engaging with potential commercial collaborators and end-users, and 'milestone 1' technical work where the technical feasibility of the whole project depends on it.

Pathfinder awards are normally between £7k and £10k, but in exceptional circumstances a maximum of £20k is available (NERC will fund 80% FEC).


The fund is open to researchers with current or past NERC funding. Proposals for Follow-on support must build on the outputs of recent or previous NERC-funded research activity.

  • Proposals must come from a Research Organisation eligible to apply to NERC, please see the guidance on the RCUK website.
  • Proposals to NERC's Follow-on Fund must fall within NERC's science remit.
  • Projects whose aim is to develop products or services based on NERC-funded research outputs and capabilities. ('Blue-sky' projects and applied research for commercial partners are not eligible).
  • Projects do not have to be based on proprietary, patentable intellectual property. For example, substantial databases and other information sources within the NERC research community might form the basis of successful service businesses. The scale of the opportunity can vary, from relatively modest through to very large.
  • All projects must have demonstrable economic potential, even if only modest, and be likely to deliver some form of societal or environmental benefit.

Potential applicants from NERC's research centres must contact the Commercialisation Manager at their research centre before applying:

Tim Moffat (interim contact)
British Antarctic Survey

Mike Ackroyd
Commercialisation manager,
British Geological Survey

Nicholas Corker
Commercialisation manager,
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Charlie Morgan
Enterprise and commercialisation manager
National Oceanography Centre

How to apply

There is no closing date for this scheme; applications should be submitted at any time via the Je-S system - external link.

Please select the following on Je-S:

  • Select council- NERC
  • Select Document type- Standard proposal
  • Select Scheme- Innovation
  • Select call- Follow-on Fund Pathfinder


Please contact NERC at when a Pathfinder proposal is submitted. All Pathfinder proposals must include a letter of support from the Principal Investigator's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) which should include a statement confirming that the application has been developed in conjunction with the TTO.

Please note: the next Follow-on Fund call will be in Autumn 2015.

Further guidance

Follow-on Fund Pathfinder - specific guidance (PDF, 141KB)


Judith Youziel
01793 442896