Strategic research opportunities

Indicative timings of research programme announcements of opportunity
Research programme 2017 2018
Jan- Mar Apr- Jun Jul- Sep Oct- Dec Jan- Mar Apr- Jun Jul- Sep Oct- Dec
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Natural flood management X              

- Indicative timing of announcement of opportunity


This information shows expected strategic research funding opportunities. It does not list discovery science (responsive mode) or other NERC funding opportunities.

The opportunities listed here include research programmes that were developed under the previous NERC strategy via theme action plans and strategic programmes and highlight topics developed by NERC's Strategic Programme Advisory Group.

You can view further information about each programme by clicking on the programme title. Detailed requirements and how to apply will be provided in the announcement of opportunity (on our funding news page, via RSS feed and on appropriate email listservers).

Some programmes will be delivered through single announcements of opportunity, while others will have recurrent or annual announcements.

This information is provided in good faith to help researchers prepare to respond to new NERC funding opportunities. However plans are liable to change, and timing cannot be guaranteed, until formal announcements are issued and proposals invited. Timing of opportunities further in the future is more tentative.

This information will be updated every three months.

For further information contact the relevant programme administrator.