Schools and young people

We work with a number of partners to provide resources that can enrich lessons in the classroom, demonstrate real-life science and enthuse young people about the science we support. You can access many of these resources for free on the following websites:

Primary school resources

Watch the following animations (hosted on YouTube), which introduce environmental science subjects to young students:

Children's Radio

We have worked with Funkids Radio - external link - to produce Marina Ventura's Ocean Adventure podcasts, a series of 15 short radio clips about the oceans and the life within them. You can learn more and listen to these for free - external link - by subscribing to the podcast.

GCSE-relevant resources

We support a number of activities through Research Councils UK, including:

Many of our researchers are often involved with local National Science & Engineering Week or are STEM Ambassadors - to find out more contact your local university or research centre, or visit the STEM points website - external link.

Planet Earth magazine and our science news website Planet Earth cover a range of environmental science research and news which can be used in science, geography and PSHE lessons.

Our research centres also provide GCSE-relevant resources, including online activities, posters and information packs, school visits and work experience.

NERC has a YouTube channel - external link with many videos about the science we fund - some have been made by our own researchers, and others with professional film crews - all of them provide an insight into the work we do and are a good introduction for some topics at GCSE.

Careers information

The careers in environmental science section of this website has several videos that demonstrate the breadth of science our researchers work in and advise on A-level selection for students interested in pursuing a career in science.


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