Head office

Head office provides corporate leadership and coordinates strategy, planning, performance management, reporting and external relations for the whole of NERC.

Teams in head office support NERC funding role, develop policy and administer funding to universities and public sector research institutes.

Head office also provides support services including finance, IT, people, estates and communications.

Our chief executive and operational directors are based in Swindon.

Professor Duncan WinghamProfessor Duncan Wingham
Chief Executive
01793 411653

Lesley Harris
01793 411618

Nigel BirdNigel Bird
Projects & Commercial Director
01793 442516

Sandra Bailey
01793 411674

Carol ExtonCarol Exton
Head of Head Office Operations
01793 442529


Paul FoxPaul Fox
Chief Operating Officer
01793 411972

Sandra Bailey
01793 411674

Professor Tim WheelerProfessor Tim Wheeler
Director of Research & Innovation
01793 411548

Katja Rogers
01793 411548

Alison RobinsonAlison Robinson
Director of Corporate Affairs
& change management
01793 411711

Louise Trudgian
01793 411535