Boards and committees

The following sections provide information on our top-level decision-making and governance bodies.

NERC Council

This is our top-level decision making body. It decides all major issues, including strategy, key objectives and targets and major resource decisions. It is also accountable for NERC's budget and the extent to which key performance objectives and targets are met.

Science Board

The Science Board (SB) supports NERC Council. It advises on the development of NERC's integrated science strategy and the funding of new programmes and initiatives.

Audit & Risk Assurance Committee

This committee is an advisory body with no executive powers. However, it is authorised to investigate any activity within its terms of reference and to seek any information it requires from NERC staff.

NERC Management Board

The NMB has responsibility for advising, supporting and challenging the chief executive on NERC as a commissioner, planning and decision-making, and for the successful implementation of the Strategy, Corporate Plan and Delivery Plan.

Centre Assurance Boards

Centre Assurance Boards (CABs) provide assurance to the NERC accounting officer to fulfil his responsibilities under Managing Public Money in respect of BAS, BGS, CEH, NOC, NCAS and NCEO.

Remuneration Committee

Under the remit of Council's Remuneration Committee, the Senior Staff Salaries Review Committee (SSSRC) determines base pay movement and annual performance bonuses for NERC's staff at Band 1 and 2 levels. This category of staff includes all directors and NEB level appointments. The Committee is chaired by chairman of Council and includes two Council members and the chief executive with the director of people & skills as an adviser. It normally meets twice a year in the margins of the June and September Council meetings.

NERC Executive Board

The NERC Executive Board (NEB) has now been replaced with the NERC Management Board, the Centre Assurance Boards and the National Capability Partners' Forum. Details of NEB will be retained here for historical information only and will be removed in due course.

Scheme of Delegation

An overview of which top-level boards take decisions and provide advice on issues that affect NERC.


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