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Marine facilities

NERC new polar research vessel: Progress update, May 2015

Further to the consultation, we received interest in tendering for the new ship from 28 shipyards. After a review and evaluation process eight of those 28 shipyards were short-listed to tender for the work.

NERC provides access to a range of marine facilities in support of marine science including research ships, technicians and marine science equipment.

The NERC marine facilities programme covers all of the seagoing scientific services and facilities for which NERC provides infrastructure and capital funding in order that they can be provided 'free at the point of use' to the NERC community.

The programme aims to include approximately 550 days' science a year on the National Marine Facilities - Sea Systems' (NMF-SS's) ships, the RRS James Cook (previously the RRS Charles Darwin) & the RRS Discovery, approximately 60 NERC science days a year on the British Antarctic Survey's (BAS's) ships, the RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton, and time used of the recognised NERC facility RV Prince Madog run by the joint venture company, P&O Maritime Ocean Sciences (POMOS).

The NERC marine facilities programme is developed by NERC in consultation with NMF-SS and BAS.

Who is the marine facilities programme for?

Scientists who have secured funding from NERC, or from a non-NERC peer-reviewed source
(eg the EU or the US National Science Foundation) or from commissioned research, can bid to NERC for 'free at the point of use' access to its ships and equipment support facilities.

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Natalie Clark
Marine planning officer
01793 442551