European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) is intended to develop the scientific integration of Europe and to strengthen its international outreach. Competitive and open access to high-quality research infrastructure supports and benchmarks the quality of European science, and attracts the best researchers from around the world.

NERC supports participation in ESFRI projects as a key part of our National Capability including several that are on the current ESFRI Roadmap. The ESFRI Roadmap is an ongoing process. First published in 2006 with 35 projects, it was updated in 2008, bringing the number of research infrastructures of pan-European relevance to 44. The latest update, focusing on projects dealing with energy, food and biology, was published in December 2010 and brought the total to 48.

Latest ESFRI roadmap launched

The latest version of the ESFRI Roadmap was launched on 10 March 2016, in Amsterdam. The ESFRI Roadmap 2016 identifies the new Research Infrastructures (RI) of pan-European interest corresponding to the long term needs of the European research communities, covering all scientific areas, regardless of possible location.

Two new environmental projects out of a total of six new projects to be approved, have been added to the roadmap:

  • The European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases (ACTRIS).
  • The Danube International Centre for Advanced Studies for River-Delta-Sea Systems (DANUBIUS) Research Infrastructure.


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