Drought science and management symposium

MaRIUS symposium

27 September 2016 (Tuesday)
Lady Margaret Hall, Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6QA

 This event has now closed 

The Managing the Risks, Impacts & Uncertainties of drought and water Scarcity (MaRIUS) project was proud to host the last of its trio of international symposia. There were presentations from the MaRIUS researchers and also from an impressive array of international speakers, who form part of the international advisory board of the MaRIUS project. The symposium is subsidised and so has a very low price of either £25 for the conference including lunch and a drinks reception; or £35 for conference, lunch, drinks reception and dinner.

Confirmed speakers included:

  • Doug Hunt, Atkins: 'Water Resource Management in the UK'
  • Ian Pemberton, Ofwat: 'Moving to a national approach to water management'
  • Mike Morecroft, Natural England: 'Effects of drought on UK ecosystems and the implications for nature conservation in a changing climate'
  • Gianba Bussi, University of Oxford: 'The impact of droughts on the water quality of the River Thames'
  • Sarah Whatmore and Catharina Landstrom, University of Oxford: 'Co-producing knowledge for local drought resilience'
  • Gemma Coxon, University of Bristol: 'Drought hydrology on a national scale'
  • Kevin Grecksch, University of Oxford: 'Drought management practice in the UK - Opportunities to overcome innovative scarcity'
  • Dustin Garrick, University of Oxford: 'Transboundary Rivers and Adaptation to Climate Extremes (TRACE): Learning from severe droughts'
  • Narendra Tuteja, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia: 'Adoption of water availability forecasts for managing water scarcity in Australia - opportunities and challenges.
  • Henny van Lanen, Wageningen University, Netherlands: 'Drought indicators - their usefulness for the assessment of drought types, impacts and management'
  • Lee Godden, University of Melbourne, Australia: 'Water law and drought in Australia'

Full details can be found on the MaRIUS website - external link.


For further details please contact:

Helen Gavin
Project Manager for MaRIUS