UK Droughts & Water Scarcity news

Announcement of Opportunity: UK Droughts & Water Scarcity

Closing date: 19 Jan

12 Dec 2016

Proposals are invited for the second phase of funding, known as Work Package 4 (WP4) of the UK Droughts and Water Scarcity Programme funded by NERC, AHRC, BBSRC, ESRC and EPSRC.

Drought science and management symposium

Closing date: 27 Sep

5 Sep 2016

A symposium was held on 27 September in Oxford that focused on drought science and management in the UK and around the world.

Drought risk and decision making symposium

Closing date: 7 Sep

14 Aug 2015

A symposium is being held that will bring together global experts on the processes that cause drought and their consequences.