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1. Solving the mystery of Shetland's tsunami sands

Shetland's wild, rugged landscape has long fascinated scientists, but for one British Geological Survey marine geologist, it's the seabed around the islands that have ignited his interest.

Tags: Flooding, Geology, Hazards, Mapping, Oceans, Soils, Tsunamis, UK
2. The 2011 UK meteotsunami - A study in science

When reports started coming in that southern Britain had been hit by a tsunami, they were hard to believe. But it turns out there really had been one - just not the kind we usually hear about. Dave Tappin describes the scientific detective work that uncovered the truth.

Tags: Hazards, Oceans, Tsunamis, UK
3. Waiting for the next big wave

Understanding the sediments deposited by devastating tsunamis is essential for identifying where similar disasters have struck, how big they were and how often they can happen - work which could ultimately save many lives. British Geological Survey scientists describe their journey to study deposits left by the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

Tags: Geology, Hazards, Tsunamis
4. Transatlantic tsunamis

A collapsing volcano could create a devastating tsunami in the Atlantic. Dave Tappin says new evidence suggests it wouldn't be the first time.

Tags: Geology, Hazards, Oceans, Tsunamis
5. Releasing the strain

Forecasting tsunamis is a big challenge. John McCloskey reveals how one ambitious study could help Sumatra prepare for a future earthquake and the subsequent tsunami.

Tags: Geology, Hazards, Oceans, Tsunamis

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