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1. Earthquakes and eruptions in Iceland

Geoscientists at the University of Cambridge are uncovering how volcanic activity in Iceland causes earthquakes.

Tags: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Geology, Hazards
2. Getting ready for the next big one

Is one of the world's great cities due to be struck by a serious earthquake? Ekbal Hussain describes how scientists are working to make sure Istanbul is prepared for the dangers that may be on the way.

Tags: Adaptation and mitigation, Earthquakes, Geology, Hazards
3. Science without borders

It's not every day you get invited into one of the world's most secretive states. But that's precisely what happened to seismologist Dr James Hammond. Alex Peel spoke to him about what it's like to work on the Earth's most enigmatic volcano.

Tags: Earthquakes, Hazards, UK, Volcanoes
4. The risky business of earthquakes

Most of us learned about plate tectonics in school, and how cities like San Francisco, built where two plates collide, are most vulnerable to earthquakes. But is it that straightforward? Philip England thinks not.

Tags: Earthquakes, Geology, Hazards
5. Podcast: Monitoring earthquakes

Earthquakes are a deadly natural hazard. Every week somewhere around the world, an earthquake occurs that's big enough to cause serious damage to people, roads and buildings.

Tags: Earthquakes, Geology, Hazards, Podcasts, UK

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