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1. RRS Sir David Attenborough polar research ship one year on

It's exactly a year since NERC launched a campaign to name our new polar research vessel. We take a look at what's happened since RRS Sir David Attenborough was picked.

Tags: Antarctic, Arctic, Marine life, Oceans, Robotics
2. Scientists measure snow density in Greenland

Last month, scientists from the Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling (CPOM) headed to Greenland to carry out vital fieldwork as part of a NERC-CryoSat contract to calibrate and validate measurements taken by the satellite.

Tags: Arctic, Earth observation, Ice
3. Inevitable surprises in the Atlantic Ocean

What have we learned from a decade of monitoring how water and heat circulate through the North Atlantic? As Meric Srokosz explains, a great deal - much of it unexpected.

Tags: Arctic, Climate, Oceans
4. CryoSat-2 mission reveals major Arctic sea-ice loss

Arctic sea ice volume has declined by 36 per cent in the autumn and 9 per cent in the winter between 2003 and 2012, a UK-led team of scientists has discovered.

Tags: Arctic, Earth observation, Environmental change, Ice, Space
5. Arctic tree takeover risks carbon release

Trees colonising formerly open tundra as the climate warms could cause Arctic ecosystems to release vast amounts of stored soil carbon into the atmosphere, a new paper argues.

Tags: Arctic, Biodiversity, Climate, Environmental change, Soils
6. Ice mission shows precise changes in Arctic sea-ice thickness

Scientists have produced the first map which shows the changes in the thickness of Arctic sea ice through the entire winter season. The map is the most accurate and extensive yet.

Tags: Arctic, Environmental change, Ice, Mapping, Space
7. Scientists call for better management of the deep sea

The deep sea is in trouble. A recent study has found that it's being damaged by human activities, and that this is only likely to get worse. Scientists are now calling for better management and conservation of entire deep-sea ecosystems.

Tags: Arctic, Biodiversity, Environmental change, Hazards, Natural resources, Oceans, Pollution
8. Hunting for data with dog sleds

What happens when modern climate science meets ancient Inuit traditions? Jeremy Wilkinson found out first hand.

Tags: Arctic, Atmosphere, Environmental change, Oceans
9. The rise and rise of the sea

Meticulous sea-level research at Southampton University's School of Ocean and Earth Science (SOES) suggests that large long-term sea-level rise is coming our way unless we take drastic action soon. Eelco Rohling tells us what this projection is based on.

Tags: Antarctic, Arctic, Atmosphere, Environmental change, Hazards, Oceans
10. Coral bleaching? The picture's not black and white

Problems with how scientists communicate with the media and in how reefs' health is assessed have created a skewed public understanding of coral bleaching, according to a new study.

Tags: Arctic, Biodiversity, Environmental change, Hazards, Oceans

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