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Podcast: Unravelling the intricacies of Earth's magnetic field

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Ciaran Beggan and Tom Shanahan of NERC's British Geological Survey explain why accurately measuring the Earth's magnetic field is so important.

7 Jan 2014

Podcast: Reducing the effects of fish farms

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Kenny Black and Jo Gosling of the Scottish Association for Marine Science describe the work they're doing to make fish farming sustainable.

24 Dec 2013

Scientists closer to understanding East Antarctic response to climate change

For the first time scientists have begun mapping one of the remotest areas of Antarctica.

13 Dec 2013

Podcast: Turning algae into biofuel

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Phil Kerrison and Lars Brunner from the Scottish Association for Marine Science explain how seaweed could be cultivated to fuel a power station, your car or even aircraft.

10 Dec 2013

Fixing broken ecosystems

The world's growing population is increasing demand for resources like food and clean water - but more people means more waste, and that's having a direct impact on those resources. But all is not lost: Jags Pandhal and colleagues describe a new technique for cleaning up ecosystems that has knock-on economic benefits too.

29 Nov 2013

Podcast: Monitoring soil health and complexity

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Karl Ritz and Robert Simmons of Cranfield University, and Guy Thallon from fresh produce company Produce World, talk about how they manage one of the most crucial ingredients needed to grow vegetables - soil.

26 Nov 2013

Red squirrels show signs of resistance

A small group of survivors has offered red squirrels a glimmer of hope in their on-going battle with squirrelpox.

23 Nov 2013

Podcast: Ocean circulation - Keeping Britain warm

This week in the Planet Earth podcast, Stuart Cunningham and Estelle Dumont of the Scottish Association for Marine Science describe their part in a major international scientific project to monitor crucial ocean currents in the North Atlantic which shape Britain's climate.

12 Nov 2013

The 2011 UK meteotsunami - A study in science

When reports started coming in that southern Britain had been hit by a tsunami, they were hard to believe. But it turns out there really had been one - just not the kind we usually hear about. Dave Tappin describes the scientific detective work that uncovered the truth.

8 Nov 2013

Wet UK summers linked to Arctic sea ice retreat

The UK's remarkable recent run of wet summers may have been partly down to increased melting of Arctic sea ice.

29 Oct 2013