Planet Earth stories


New ozone-depleting gas discovered in the atmosphere

A newly-discovered ozone-depleting chemical is accumulating in the atmosphere despite being banned under an international treaty, research reveals.

9 Mar 2014

Recycling heat from industry could reduce carbon emissions

Capturing wasted heat and turning it into electricity could help industries to reduce carbon emissions, according to a new study.

6 Mar 2014

Riding the crest of the flood wave

Getting caught in one of the biggest floods Cambodia has seen in years wasn't part of Chris Hackney's fieldwork plans - but it turned out to be a great opportunity for scientists to learn how rivers behave in extreme conditions.

28 Feb 2014

Climate change exacerbates European hay fever risk

The highly allergenic plant ragweed is set to become more widespread throughout Northern Europe as the climate changes, according to a new study.

27 Feb 2014

Peatlands of the western Amazon

Recent investigations in western Amazonia have revealed vast peatlands, up to 8m thick in places. Because they are so remote, we know little about them compared to peatlands in the northern hemisphere. Tom Kelly and Freddie Draper explain how their work will help us understand these ecosystems and revel how big they really are.

21 Feb 2014

Diseases spread to wild bees

Diseases that have affected managed honeybee colonies for a number of years have now spread to wild bees, according to new research.

19 Feb 2014

Did humans transport Stonehenge rocks further than previously thought?

Scientists have pinpointed the exact source of many of the rocks used to build Stonehenge.

17 Feb 2014

Floods caused lead poisoning in UK cattle

A case of lead poisoning that killed two young cattle on a West Wales farm was caused by contaminated flood deposits, new research has revealed.

11 Feb 2014

Drought leaches carbon from Amazon

A drought in 2010 caused the Amazon basin to release more carbon into the atmosphere than it took in, new research has revealed.

5 Feb 2014

Studies highlight differences between banned pesticides

Two separate studies have added new weight to the idea that some varieties of controversial neonicotinoid pesticides are less harmful to bees than others.

21 Jan 2014