Cabinet Office High Level Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

Closing date: 16:00 on 27 April 2017

Interview date: Mid-June, date TBC

NERC and the Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) of the Cabinet Office are seeking a senior member of the environmental science community to take on a key role linking NERC science with policymaking.

The aim of the Knowledge Exchange Fellow will be to:

  • improve access to, uptake of, and impact from NERC science within national resilience policymaking and risk assessment
  • enable the CCS of the Cabinet Office to be a better user of science and better able to showcase the value of science in policy

The main purpose of a Knowledge Exchange Fellow, in this context, will be to strengthen access to and uptake of science into resilience policy so that existing and emerging scientific knowledge is rapidly and effectively translated for policymakers. It will also provide an important mechanism for cross-government resilience policy needs to feed back into NERC strategy and help NERC achieve impact from its investments in research.

The fellowship will be for a two-year period initially, with a possibility of extension. Applications are welcomed on a part-time basis (between 40% and 80% full time equivalent). The fellow will be expected to spend most of their fellowship time in CCS offices in London, working within the national risks team which leads on the National Risk Assessment and National Risk Register.

Supporting documentation

Cabinet Office Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 83KB)

Directed Knowledge Exchange Fellowships Announcement of Opportunity (PDF, 90KB)

Guidance on submitting KE Fellowship applications (PDF, 112KB)


For further information please contact:

Nestor Alfonzo Santamaria
Senior risk policy adviser
0207 276 6371


Ruth Hughes
Senior programme manager
01793 411537

For queries on NERC KE Fellow scheme:

Lynne Porter
01793 411791