Public engagement activities

NERC promotes the research it funds in print, online and through events and the media. We encourage and support our researchers in their own public engagement activities. There are sometimes opportunities for the public to get involved in some of the research we fund.

Online resources

Our science news website Planet Earth runs news about newly published research, features, blogs, videos and a fortnightly podcast recorded on location featuring our scientists and users of the research. You can also follow our work via the following social media platforms:


Our quarterly magazine, Planet Earth, is aimed at a general audience and has features on a wide range of NERC-supported environmental science.

Our annual report also highlights some of our most important research each year, as well as presenting facts and figures about our income and investments.

See our full range of publications.

Public dialogue and debate

From time to time we run a formal public dialogue around a specific area of research. We may also open a consultation about a particular development or change we are considering to the way we carry out our business.

Citizen science

We support a number of activities through which the public can take part in a research project, for example by collecting data, samples and information. Two good examples are BioBlitz - external link and Conker Tree Science - external link.

Festivals, exhibitions and events

You can learn about our scientists' work at science festivals, exhibitions and other events around the country, such as the Cheltenham Science Festival - external link and the Royal Society Summer Science Festival - external link.

Media coverage

Stories about our science, and our researchers themselves, often appear in the national newspapers, radio and TV. You can see a range of NERC coverage on our page - external link.