Safety management and contacts

NERC contacts

NERC corporate health & safety advisor (for advice and information on NERC corporate health and safety issues):

Bill Dark
01793 411596
07864 944752

NERC health & safety facilitator (for admin and general enquiries with regard to NERC corporate health and safety):

Gavin Bell
01793 411596

Management of health & safety

NERC Safety Management Group (SMG) consists of the full-time safety professionals across NERC and related research centres. NERC Safety Management Team (SMT) membership includes the senior appointed managers with responsibility for health and safety across NERC and related research Centres. NERC Health and Safety Committee membership includes SMT members, Trade Union appointed safety representatives from NERC and related research centres, and appointees from SMG and NERC Welfare. Overall responsibility for health and safety lies with the NERC chief executive.

Chief executive
Duncan Wingham

NERC Management Board director responsible for health & safety
Paul Fox
Chair Safety Management Team (SMT) / NERC Safety Committee

Council safety advisor
Bill Dark

Trainer / auditor
Chris Milne

Dangerous goods safety adviser
Stuart Heron

Research centre contacts

Head Office

Director - Paul Fox

British Antarctic Survey

Director - Jane Francis
SMT member - Tim Stockings
Safety advisor - Jennifer Forster Davidson ()

British Geological Survey

Director - John Ludden
SMT member - Mike Patterson
Safety advisor - James Corbett
Union Side representative - Dave Morgan () and Kevin Greally ()

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Director - Mark Bailey
SMT member - Jaqui Dingle
Safety advisor - Steve Moss ()
Union Side representative - Richard Williams ()

NMF Sea Systems

Associate Director - Leigh Storey
SMT member - Julie Pringle Stewart
Safety advisor - Stuart Younghusband ()

Trade unions

Union Side chair for NERC Safety Committee - Dave Morgan ()
Trade Union Side secretary - Heath Malcolm ()

National Oceanography Centre

Director - Ed Hill
SMT member - Julie Pringle Stewart
Safety advisor - Sultan Khan ()
Union Side representative - Allan Davies ()

Scottish Association for Marine Science

Management of safety following NERC systems

Director - Nick Owens
SMT member - Axel Miller
Safety advisor - Christopher Clay ()
Union Side representative - Colin Griffiths ()

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Management of safety following NERC systems

Director - Stephen de Mora
SMT member - Christopher Taysom
Safety advisor - Dave Smith ()
Union Side representative - Amanda Beesley ()