NERC Executive Board

The NERC Executive Board (NEB) has now been replaced with the NERC Management Board, the Centre Assurance Boards and the National Capability Partners' Forum. Details of NEB will be retained here for historical information only and will be removed in due course.

The NERC Executive Board (NEB) was responsible for:

  • overall corporate management
  • directing the development and implementation of Council's strategies, policies and decisions
  • effective financial management
  • developing and maintaining corporate information systems
  • ensuring that NERC was managed according to the required standards of accountability, regularity and propriety, achieving high standards of efficiency, effectiveness, economy and health and safety.

NEB worked with other research councils, and other bodies, on scientific and operational / administrative matters where there was benefit in doing so.

NEB did not get involved in managing individual business units (such as research centres and central functions). This was the responsibility of the relevant director.

NEB met every month.